About DFM

Founding Dougherty Forestry Manufacturing

patrick dougherty ceo

Dougherty Forestry Manufacturing (DFM) was founded by CEO Patrick Dougherty in 2003 when Mr. Dougherty saw a need to remove invasive vegetation problems.

One tree in particular, the western red cedar, had spread to the point of epidemic levels, taking over thousands of miles throughout the Midwest.  The task of removing these trees and many other equally invasive species had become so large that conventional tree removal methods were nearly useless. Mr. Dougherty had always had an interest in mechanical design and it occurred to him the only clear solution would be some form of mechanized land clearing; with this knowledge he set to work building the first prototype of the now legendary Turbo Saw tree cutter.

Prior to the TurboSaw the only methods land owners in the Midwest had to clear unwanted vegetation were through chainsaws which were dangerous and required a high degree of maintenance, tree shears that were painfully slow and prone to leaving sharp stumps, and Bulldozers which burnt large amounts of fuel and tore out root balls causing erosion problems.

Mr. Dougherty changed all of this with the TurboSaw, it cut 10X faster than a shear, left smooth stumps, cost pennies per hour to operate and allowed land owners to remove vegetation from the safety of a cab.  The TurboSaw was an instant success and won an innovator of the year award in 2004 for its advanced design. Mr. Dougherty developed several different versions each uniquely suited for specific applications and with rapidly expanding sales DFM moved into a state of the art fabrication facility in 2012.

Now responsible for over a decade’s technological breakthroughs, Mr. Dougherty has evolved and broadened DFM into a global leader in mechanized land clearing, continuing his commitment to excellence and navigating the company to significant growth. Patrick still has a hand in every innovation, personally overseeing projects as the company’s chief design engineer.