New technology to more securely fasten carbide teeth.

In keeping with its commitment to excellence, DFM will now utilize custom German made wedge-lock washers on all carbide cutting components. This new washer technology was developed to positively lock and maintain constant bolt tightness in applications subject to extreme vibration or dynamic loads, while still maintaining bolt removability.


“A core principle of DFM is to invest in technology that improves our customers land clearing experience” says CEO Patrick Dougherty “We were very impressed with the way these new washers performed in testing and are pleased to be offer them to our customers”


When exposed to industry standard Junker vibration testing, the washers were scientifically proven to maximize security and vibration resistance over split ring washers.

The Junker machine test is a mechanical test to determine the point at which fastener securing elements – such as lock nuts, wedges and lock washers – fail when subjected to vibration. The results of the test proved the new DFM washers will ensure a lasting hold for the most demanding forestry work.