Turbo Mower (TC – 72)

Powerful and durable, with superb performance, the TC Series is a brush cutter above the rest.

  • This 72″ wide brush cutter has a reinforced frame
  •  The TC72 has a high speed direct drive motor, and two massive 1/2″ cutting blades.
  • The TC72 utilizes a dual axis floating deck and a full width rear roller, allowing operators to maintain a smooth even cut on side hills, over terraces, or across uneven terrain.

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Turbo Mulcher (TM – 60)

The Turbo Mulcher has been designed from the ground up for forestry mowing with several unique features.

  • The Spiral Saw Drum uses 60 high-impact carbide teeth and patent-pending spiral design to cut grass and weeds as well as fine mulch when cutting logs or trees.
  • The frame has a integrated pushing bar with grab hooks.
  • The drive-train has a 30% larger main bearing and is designed to withstand any axial or radial load directed to the attachment.

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Turbo Saw (RS3000)

Dougherty Forestry Manufacturing RS Series Tree Saw

The Turbo Saw is a do everything attachment, superior to other products thanks to a multitude of specially designed components, a few of which are listed below.

  • Using carbide technology, the Multi-Surface Cutting Disc can cut a path through the densest material when in the horizontal position or grind stumps up to 24” below ground.
  • The first ever Dual Axis Cutting Head allows the disc to be rotated from horizontal to vertical and swung left to right at the push of a button.
  • A built-in Herbicide Application System pulls from a 5-gallon poly-reservoir through the fully adjustable spray tip onto unwanted vegetation, anywhere regrowth presents a problem.

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Compact Feller Buncher (CFB-16)

Dougherty Forestry Manufacturing Compact Feller BuncherThe Compact Feller Buncher takes timber harvesting efficiency to the next level, allowing for first thinning through final harvesting at a fraction of the cost of traditional felling heads.

  • The Compact Feller Buncher uses advanced hydraulics to harvest timber up to 11″ in diameter in a single pass, at a cut rate of 10″ per second.
  • This comes with independently controlled accumulator arm and a 27” throat opening allowing operators to harvest and carry multiple trees at one time.
  • A 40″ cutting disc comes equipped with 20 TS3 carbide cutting teeth. Each tooth can be rotated three times and has up to 500 hours of tooth life. Additionally, the TS3 tooth can be rotated or replaced in the field with simple hand tools.

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Dougherty Forestry Other Products

Other products produced by Dougherty Forestry Mfg. include:

High Torque Tree Saws

Tractor Saws

Grapple Buckets

Stump and Tree Pullers

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