Turbo Mower

Mow+ Cut+ Clear


Powerful and durable, with superb performance, the TC Series is a brush cutter above the rest. This Turbo Cutter comes with the peace-of-mind that thousands of hours in operation and field testing bring to your investment. Also, add ease of use, and unique durable features, and that makes this attachment a must have for cleaning up fields and overgrown forests. The TC72 mounts to any skid steer, and is built smarter and tougher than the competition.

This 72″ wide brush cutter has a reinforced frame, a high speed direct drive motor, and two massive 1/2″ cutting blades. The TC72 utilizes a dual axis floating deck and a full width rear roller, allowing operators to maintain a smooth even cut on side hills, over terraces, or across uneven terrain.  The Turbo Cutter can be used in many different applications.  It is ideal for mowing tall vegetation, brush, saplings, and other unwanted undergrowth.


Mow Grass, Cut Brush, & Clear Trees
Cutting Width
Hydraulic Requirements
Standard and High-flow 15-45 GPM
Attachment Weight
1,850 lbs
Number of Cutter Blades
Tree Diameter
Case Drain Required