TM-60 Mulcher Redefines the Mulcher Market

The TM-60 Turbo Mulcher is the latest innovation from Dougherty Forestry Mfg. and utilizes new technology and industry leading production processes to deliver the most economical carbide mulching attachment ever produced. Individuals and land clearing professionals can now purchase and maintain a commercial quality mulching head without the high price tag.

The TM-60 Turbo Mulcher was designed to be an all-in-one land clearing attachment featuring mining grade carbide teeth that require no sharpening and last up to 500 hours of cutting life. These teeth also cut the cost of replacement 40% to 60%.

The TM60 uses an industry exclusive spiral saw drum that produces better mulch at a faster rate. By combing this proprietary carbide cutting system with a high strength direct drivetrain the TM-60 enhances uptime by eliminating wear prone belts and pulleys; the result is a mulching attachment that out paces the competition when it comes to quality, reliability, and ease of use.

“When I see a problem I like to face it head on, and see if there’s a way to innovate around it,” says CEO Patrick Dougherty, “the problem I saw with the mulching industry was the cost of a well-built, dependable drum style mulcher was simply too high for the industry to survive. The TM-60 Turbo Mulcher is the solution to that problem”.