Unveiling of Premiere Tree Saw

DFM’s known for its revolutionary innovations and premium products, but this year they welcomed a heavy duty line of rotators that, once again,  reiterate why they remain the industry’s leader. The RT2600HD, RT3000HD, & the RT3400HD all carry those familiar characteristics of Turbo Saw’s commercial series: long 7’ boom, v shield, pushing guard, & TS3 cutting system. What’s a game changer is the power and features that come with these 2015 models? They sport 12% more torque, significantly bigger bearings, and a hardened shaft. The spraying components got an upgrade as well: brass sprayer tips, filters, and elbows. Add all this new hardware, plus an exclusive hybrid sprayer pump that’s able to hold both diesel/herbicide and Turbo Saw owners will have a distinct advantage over anything else on the market.